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Angela Elwell Hunt, The Velvet Shadow (1999), about a modern woman of royal Irish descent researching her ancestry, particularly a female medical student from Charleston who is cut off from her family when the Civil War begins while she is studying in Boston; Christian message; #3 in the Heirs of Cahira O'Connor series. I really liked One Night in Winter; it’s a readable, tense, suspenseful account of what life may have been like during Stalin’s dictatorship.

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Warbow (The Saga of Roland Inness Book 2)

Woman Who Rides Like a Man (Song of the Lioness)

The Book of the Lion

Marching Men (Unabridged)

Carnival at Candlelight (Magic Tree House #33)

To an untrained ear, it sounds enough like one of the pope's real titles, Vicarius Christi (Vicar of Christ), to pass the test. Unfortunately for those who traffic in this particular piece of pope fiction, the real title, Vicarius Christi, adds up to only a measly 214, not the infernal 666 The Sea at Mughain read here As the book opens, the sisters prepare for marriage: the beautiful Isabella to the handsome Francesco Gonzaga, and the tomboyish Beatrice to the rakish and scheming Ludovico Sforza, regent to the duke of Milan Rosemary for Remembrance read online read online. Aspiring fantasy writers, Dykeman and Milne seized the opportunity to engage with an expert like Gregory. “It was pretty amazing to hear her opinions,” said Milne. “She is definitely the real deal.” “I can learn from her as a writer,” said Dykeman. “It’s interesting to see how she overlaps history and historical fiction.” For Nighman, the Skype session provided his students with an opportunity to think critically about Gregory’s content, carefully analyzing how she intersects historical fact and fiction in order to represent this historical period to a contemporary audience , e.g. The Dragon Throne read here And for Bruni’s History of the Florentine People (1415-39), the story to be told was neither a spiritual nor a moral one, but a natural history of the progress of political freedom in Florence. Though less nationalistic than these, Desiderius Erasmus, too, demanded that historians trace their sources back to the originals, not just in government documents but in cultural artifacts as well pdf. This religious reputation persisted into the seventeenth century. In the 19th century, much of the English public viewed Anne Boleyn as the innocent victim of Tudor tyranny similar to Lady Jane Grey. Jane Austen believed that Anne was indeed an innocent victim while Charles Dickens broke with prevailing wisdom to suggest that she might have been the author of her own demise , cited: Wishbone Classic #12 Ivanhoe Wishbone Classic #12 Ivanhoe.

They have the advantage of some perspective as well as being intended for publication epub. Both of them succeeded their elder brothers, who reigned only briefly. King Eadwig (Edwy) succeeded his uncle in 955, while his brother Edgar was declared king in Mercia and the Danelaw Girl in a Cage (Stuart Quartet) download epub. But there was in this case an understanding with Knopf that went beyond her troublesome relations with Houghton Mifflin on prospective drawings by W epub. We love historical mystery stories and are thrilled when we find some which feature females who solve crimes Jiggy's Genes: Jiggy's Magic read for free Once we hauled a humidifier into the living room, the instrument, now happy once more, miraculously healed itself and stopped whistling unpleasant intervals while hemorrhaging air Hunt for the Devil's Dragon (AIO Imagination Station Books) download online. What must it have been like for a foreigner to marry the famous Israelite King ref.: The Safe-Keeper's Secret download for free In the contemporary literature, there's an excellent novel by Mark Salzman, entitled Lying Awake, about a cloistered Carmelite nun. It's poignant and, I think, beautifully written. You may not find it that lively, as it's pretty much revolving around the nun's spiritual life Amaranth

Crowns and Kingdoms: Book 1 Tarshish

I enjoyed the book, and was surprised by the unfavorable reactions of some Ricardians. Peters pokes fun at some of the more uncritical defenders of the king, but there is no malice in her work. I suppose it just proves that some of us are over-sensitive on the subject, or perhaps we take ourselves too seriously at times.” by Vanora Bennett Catherine, Called Birdy download for free. Here’s how to convert them to PDF The eBook marketplace is overwhelming, with more than a million books and publications available at your fingertips within a mere 60 seconds, ranging in cost from 99 cents up into the thousands of dollars Shadow in the Dark (The download pdf This is of course another vibrant area of literature that has thrived since the beginning of story-telling. has a wonderful selection of books both of Fairy Tales and analysis and understanding of them and how they relate to us as humans The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight (The Squire's Tales) Without Rome, I’m sure we wouldn’t have the epic and ambitious Game of Thrones that we’re enjoying today. The funny thing is that with Rome, we wouldn’t have the present Thrones, either, given the way that show burned through HBO’s finances. So Rome had to both rise and fall, as a TV production, in order for Game of Thrones to become what it is today. So the next time you watch Game of Thrones, tip a cup to Vorenus and Pullo and everything they gave us in Rome , cited: Robin and the Friar (Hopscotch Adventures) Before his death Frontenac develops a deep respect for his old enemy Bishop Laval, and on his deathbed the "Count raised his eyebrows haughtily, as if to demand why his privacy was thus invaded. He looked from one face to another; in those faces he read something Wulf the Saxon James Conroyd Martin is the award-winning author of The Poland Trilogy (Push Not the River, Against a Crimson Sky, & The Warsaw Conspiracy), a saga inspired by the diary of a countess in 1790s Poland Leonardo and the Mystery of read here read here.

A Shout in the Sunshine

The Secret Prince

The Seer and the Sword

Knight's Fee

Kingdom's Dawn: Kingdom's Series, Book 1

On a Medieval Day: Story Voyages Around the World (On a Day Story Voyages)

Otto of the Silver Hand (Illustrated)(Annotated)

Granuaile: Grace O'Malley - Ireland's Pirate Queen

The Minstrel in the Tower (Stepping Stone)

The Pond God and Other Stories

And I Darken

The Secrets of Flamant Castle: The Complete Adventures of Sword Girl and Friends

A Place in the Sun

Puppet Playhouse


Heroes of the Valley

Gisela's Holiday Story

Small Knight and George

The Squire's Quest (The Squire's Tales)

The Roman Mysteries: The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina: Book 6

There Will Be Wolves

They share the top spot, because I just can't let Garr take second, now can I? I love that Tamara does different heroines. Thomasin is sweet, and tough but vulnerable and really yearned to grow and improve herself. She's a perfect match for such a hero. *whispers his name* OK, go buy this and prepare to fall in love with these two. Talking about someone you really like is always awesome, isn't it? Medieval Mayhem - Book 2 in read for free To add to the abject horror of it all, two spikes were positioned specifically to penetrate the eyes. In the 1800s, researchers found one in a castle in Nuremberg, Germany, and documented proof of its use later surfaced [source: Innes ]. For this reason, this device is sometimes known as the Iron Maiden of Nuremberg [source: Farrington ]. Other names included The Virgin and, in German, Jungfer pdf. Though medieval social theory has little to say about women, women were sometimes treated satirically as if they constituted their own estate and profession in rebellion against the divinely ordained rule of men epub. But by the time the Phoenix Fire Company arrived, the interior was already destroyed. 23 people died in the fire, many of them the firefighters, and the adjacent homes were also destroyed The Forest Wife download pdf The term is today used to refer to information, rumors, ideas, and artwork spread deliberately to help or harm another specific group, movement, belief, institution, or government , e.g. Troll Attack (Turtleback download here Authors to dip their toe in the genre include, Umberto Eco, Dan Brown and Agatha Christie London (CNN) -- August is here and for many of us, so are the summer holidays. Whether you're relaxing in the country, lounging on a beach, or enjoying a city break, a good book can make all the difference. CNN World's Treasures selects some of the most enduring historical thrillers for you to pack in your suitcase, so even if you're not heading anywhere exotic -- or heading anywhere at all -- you can still experience the thrill of adventure in a far-flung place or time LEGO Medieval Adventures: Troll Attack (Level 2) With the exception of her once hated rival and later longtime friend Elizabeth Tudor, I discovered Gera’s story through reading about the men whose lives she touched: her husband, her father and her brother whose rebellion brought the wrath of the Tudors down on her family and Ireland download. It leaves little time for evolution to have occurred, and puts the process of life emerging and evolving close to a time when Earth was being bombarded by destructive asteroids , cited: Outlaw Princess of Sherwood (Rowan Hood) Differences between the Christian eschatological worldview and his own age’s rationalist science are regarded summarily as improvements, whereas the medieval destruction of the ancient clearly represents decline. The age of reason is, for Voltaire, the standard by which other eras and peoples are to be judged, though few could be said to have reached , source: King's Company download online Circumstances such as the lack of mortar, concrete, or flying buttresses ensured that both Mayans and Egyptians would come up with a wide-base structure to support any large edifice--leading to pyramid designs by default. In the same way, similar legends appear across the world even when each group has no contact with others. Many cultures that master metallurgy create legends or myths about crippled smiths (witness Hephaestus or Vulcan in Greco-Roman myth, Weiland in Norse and Germanic legend, and Silverhand in Celtic stories) ref.: The Man in the Iron Mask